Isle of Palms Seawall

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Project Summary

The Isle of Palms seawall was identified in the Seawall Masterplan as one of the top priority seawall replacements within the City of Fort Lauderdale. 

In addition to the structural degradation status of this seawall, it also gets overtopped during king tide events several times a year. These tidal events cause mass flooding on Isle of Palm Drive, damaging both public and private property and making public right of ways impassible due to the salt water inundation. 

The Isle of Palms seawall is approximately 900 linear feet long. The new replacement seawall design will consist of cantilever steel sheet piles with a concrete cap, and will have a minimum cap elevation of 5.00’ NAVD. The new design will ensure that this seawall will no longer be breached during tidal events.

Update: April 1, 2020

  • Sheet pile installation has been completed (100% of total length) as of March 31st.
  • The contractor is currently working on installing the formwork and steelwork required in order to pour the new concrete cap.
  • The contractor is also installing outfall penetrations and jet filters through the new sheet piles, in order to drain the roadway properly.
  • Preliminary concrete is scheduled to be poured on Thursday, April 9th, for approximately the first 150 feet of the cap, starting on the north end of the project. After each concrete pour, the contractor will wait for three (3) days (Friday through Sunday) to allow enough time for the concrete to cure so they can proceed with removing the formwork and shifting it over to form and pour the next concrete cap section. For this reason, the contractor is planning not to work on Fridays for the duration of the cap installation.
  • Contractor is expected to have approximately 500 feet of the new concrete cap (54% of total length) installed by April 30th.

Public Input

Neighbors were invited to a public meeting on the seawall project to get additional information and ask questions on September 30, 2019. See below for informational materials: 

The City has put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions as the City pursues this Community Investment Project to reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of flooding on Isle of Palms Drive, to provide more consistent access to the Isle of Palms neighborhood, and to improve coastal resilience to tidal flooding and sea level rise.