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Fleet Services

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The City of Fort Lauderdale's Fleet Services is a section of the Public Works Department and reports to the Assistant Public Works Director of Sustainability. Fleet Services is located behind the Police Station off of West Broward Boulevard at 220 SW 14th Avenue (see the Fleet Services Directory for more information on how to contact a fleet representative).

Mission Statement

We build community by furnishing functional, reliable, and economical vehicles and fleet-related equipment necessary for the conduct of the City’s operations.

Fleet Size

At the present time, the City's fleet is comprised of approximately 1,780 vehicles and equipment consisting of anything from automobiles, vans, pickups, bucket trucks, dump trucks, compressor trucks, backhoes, trenchers, loaders, cranes, etc. to Fire Department pumpers, Rescue and aerial ladders as well as Police Department marked and unmarked vehicles. The fleet has a current replacement cost of nearly $8 million dollars.

Duties and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of Fleet Services to recommend and furnish fuel efficient, functional, reliable and economical vehicles and equipment necessary for the conduct of City operations, write the necessary specifications for bidding purposes, assist the Purchasing Department with vehicle and equipment auctions, and to prepare and administer the annual fleet budget. Fleet Services also oversees the operation of one in-house light duty vehicle car wash at its Central Garage location, as well as three City fuel sites for refueling City vehicles and equipment (locations noted below).

Annual Budgets

The annual fleet operating budget ranges between $10 and $12 million and the annual capital budget is estimated at $6 million. Currently the annual fuel budgets are approximately $1,000,000 for gasoline and $450,000 for diesel fuel.

Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

The maintenance and repair of City vehicles and equipment has been privatized (outsourced) since 1981. Fleet Services is responsible to oversee this "Fleet Management and Maintenance Services" contract, which is currently with First Vehicle Services (see the First Vehicle Services Directory for more information on how to contact First Vehicle Services at this location). First Vehicle Services is also responsible for the procurement of all parts and material, the parts inventory, and the day-to-day management of the City's fuel sites and light duty vehicle car wash.

Homeowners Association Police Detail Car Program

Fleet Services is also responsible for providing City of Fort Lauderdale marked Police patrol cars for the "Homeowners Association Police Detail Car Program." This program is available to all non-profit Homeowners Associations within the City who are willing to sign an agreement with the City and pay a monthly fee for off-duty Fort Lauderdale Police officers with City vehicles to patrol their Association's territory. To get more information regarding this program please contact the Fleet Manager listed in the Fleet Services Directory. At the present time, there are seven Homeowner's Associations in the City that are active in this program.


Fleet Services has been tasked with reducing the City’s carbon footprint. Working with other staff in the Sustainability Division, employees are exploring the implementation of alternative fuels such as electric, propane and bio fuels.

Idling Policies

The City of Fort Lauderdale has a Fleet Vehicle and Equipment Idling Policy to eliminate unnecessary engine idling of City-owned vehicles and equipment by City employees, which addresses issues ranging from environmental concerns to economic cost. Employees can access the policy via Lauderlink, in the Policy and Standards Manual,Chapter 8: City Equipment Section 8.1.5 Fleet Vehicle and Equipment Idling Policy.  

Reducing Fossil Fuel Usage in Our City Fleet

  1. Right sizing the Fleet- We review the type and size of all vehicle and equipment to make sure we have the most efficient vehicles that meet our needs. 
  2. We perform a projected fuel consumption analysis where we compare the existing unit against the proposed replacement vehicle to maximize efficiency.
  3. We have a vehicle idling policy in place.
  4. We continually audit the fleet to identify underutilized vehicles and equipment. Underutilized assets are reassigned to replace older or less efficient vehicles, or sold at public auction.
  5. We purchase hybrid vehicles and equipment whenever possible to reduce our carbon footprint.


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