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Sustainability Division

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The Sustainability Division is charged with the implementation of the Citywide Sustainability Action Plan, along with
optimizing conservation and efficiency with City operations and providing essential environmental services. 


Internally, these sections promote a cultural shift toward sustainable decision-making and integrating these factors into the budget process and procurement practices. The Division also serves as an internal business consultant to other City departments to integrate sustainable practices and climate resiliency into daily operations. Externally, these sections are filtering sustainable initiatives throughout the community, providing education on sustainable activities, increasing recycling, enhancing the tree canopy, improving the economic and environmental viability of our City, and working to make the region more resilient to the effects of climate change.

The Division is organized into five sections to meet its mission, and we've provided an overview of them here.  For the most up to date and comprehensive information about sustainability in Fort Lauderdale, please click on the logo above to access our Green Your Routine website.

The Venice of AmericaSustainability and Climate Resilience 

The Sustainability and Climate Resilience section includes support of operational planning to implement the five year strategic plan, Press Play. This section serves as a staff liaison to the Sustainability Advisory Board, provides support to the City’s government operations Green Team, confers on Stormwater Master Planning, reviews and modifies ordinances to incorporate sustainability and climate adaptation concepts, and also focuses on stewardship and expansion of the City’s tree canopy.

Environmental Services and Regulatory Affairs

evergladesThis section is charged with protecting the City’s water, wastewater, stormwater infrastructure, and protecting the natural environment. This is accomplished by taking an active role in water supply and protection, wastewater pretreatment and discharges, flooding, water quality, and protecting and preserving our natural resources like the beach and our waterways. The section provides consultation to other City departments and coordinates City regulatory affairs such as permits, environmental enforcement actions, reporting requirements with all regulatory agencies, as well as implementing mandated Federal and State programs such as Cross-connection, Industrial Pretreatment, and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). The section is also engaged in educational and outreach opportunities to promote the importance of and the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Solid Waste and Recycling


This section provides for an enhanced level of sanitation services including bi-weekly garbage collection, weekly green waste collection, and weekly curbside recyclingBulk waste services and household hazardous waste disposal are also managed through this team. The Waste and Recycling section also provides for the timely delivery, exchange, and repair of solid waste and recycling carts, managing a working inventory in excess of 110,000 units. The solid waste and recycling programs for all City facilities are managed through the Waste and Recycling section with a focus on meeting the goals established for internal recycling percentages as outlined in the Sustainability Action Plan as well. Additionally, support is provided to other departments within the City to identify environmentally sound options for various waste streams outside of typical disposal avenues.

City Hybrid TrucksFleet Services

The Fleet Services section is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and effective replacement of the City’s fleet vehicles and equipment. Currently the fleet includes over 1,400 City owned vehicles and mobile equipment. The section also manage the City’s fuel operations, gasoline and diesel fuel inventories (including emergency use), and the operation of the five City fueling sites. Fleet Services is committed to reducing the environmental impact of fleet operations by purchasing vehicles that are more fuel efficient, right-sizing the fleet, reducing chemical use, and continually finding ways to decrease fuel consumption.


Stormwater OperationsStormwater Ops

The Stormwater Operations program was developed to provide a dedicated operational focus to maintaining and improving the City of Fort Lauderdale’s stormwater infrastructure. The stormwater workgroups serve in tandem to proactively inspect stormwater infrastructure, respond to neighbor concerns related to street flooding, proactively maintain the stormwater system, repair and replace aging infrastructure, and construct swales to reduce street flooding and stormwater runoff and improve the water quality of our waterways.