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Distribution and Collection

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The City of Fort Lauderdale water and wastewater infrastructure is a large, networked system of pipes for both distribution of potable water and collection of sewer waste. It also includes water meters, raw water wells, well pumps, valves, and wastewater pump stations. The City has more than 1,400 miles of potable water mains, sanitary sewer force-mains, and sanitary sewer gravity lines throughout the 38 square miles of the City’s service area.

The City’s Water and Wastewater Distribution and Collection Section operates, repairs, and maintains systems that include:


•  784 miles of water mains 37 raw water wells

•  18,308 water valves

•   6,168 fire hydrants

•   57,000 water meters

•   1 elevated water tank and pump station

•   1 ground storage tank and pump station


•   10,257 sanitary sewer manholes

•   900 force main valves

•  186 wastewater pumping stations

The staff of Distribution and Collection is committed to proactively maintaining the City’s water and wastewater infrastructure.