Stormwater Operations


The Stormwater Operations Section was developed to provide a dedicated operational focus to maintaining and improving the City of Fort Lauderdale’s stormwater infrastructure. The stormwater workgroups serve in tandem to proactively inspect stormwater infrastructure, respond to neighbor concerns related to street flooding, proactively maintain the stormwater system, repair and replace aging infrastructure, and construct swales to reduce street flooding and stormwater runoff and improve the water quality of our waterways.

Stormwater is a multi-jurisdictional operation, but the City operates, repairs, and maintains much of the stormwater infrastructure within City limits, including:

  • 171 miles of stormwater pipe
  • 2,324 manholes
  • 1,258 outfalls
  • 37 drainage wells
  • 8,288 catch basins

The Stormwater Operations staff is committed to proactively maintain the City's stormwater infrastructure.

Stormwater Master Plan

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Stormwater Pollution

Climate Resiliency

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