Charles W. Fiveash


The history of the Fiveash Regional Water Treatment Plant mirrors the tremendous growth the Greater Fort Lauderdale area has experienced over the past 60 years. Built in 1954, the plant was designed to treat eight million gallons per day (MGD). Today, the plant's design capacity is 70 MGD.

The capacity has increased to meet the demands of a growing customer base. Through a series of expansions, the plant has been able to keep pace with the enormous growth our area has experienced.

Named after Charles W. Fiveash, water superintendent from 1941 to 1954, the plant supplies the bulk of the City's drinking water. Fiveash is a lime-softening water treatment plant, as opposed to the Peele-Dixie Water Treatment Plant, which is a nano-filtration membrane plant.


5 Ash Water Treatment Facility