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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • General Permitting

    • A. Why do I need a permit?

    • B. How long does it take to get a permit?

    • C. What is my permit status?

    • D. How long is a permit valid?

    • E. Can I renew my permit and is there a limit to the number of times a permit can be renewed?

    • F. Can I pull my own permit? What work can I do as an owner?

    • G. Do you offer walk-through permitting and what are the hours?

    • H. What is the address for the Department of Sustainable Development?

    • I. I have a question about a permit; can I speak with the Building Official?

    • J. Are plans for a single family home required to be sealed by an architect or engineer?

    • K. What is a Notice of Commencement?

    • L. Where do I have the Notice of Commencement recorded?

    • M. Where do I go to submit for Broward County Approvals?

    • N. Do I need to submit a survey with my application?

    • O. At what stage of construction can I get my power turned on?

    • P. How do I contact my inspector?

    • Q. What time is my inspection?

    • R. How do I cancel my inspection?

    • S. How do I register as a contractor?

    • T. How do I renew my contractor registration information?

  • Need a Permit?

    • A. Do I need a demolition permit to remove After the Fact (ATF) work?

    • B. Do I need a permit to seal and restripe a parking area/lot?

    • C. Do I need a permit to install a gravel driveway?

    • D. Do I need a permit to repair a fence?

    • E. Do I need a permit to install a shed?

    • F. Do I need a permit to replace the decking on my dock?

    • G. Do I need a permit for a painted sign?

  • Zoning

    • A. Can I install my fence along my front property line by the street?

    • B. Can I install a fence along my seawall?

    • C. Has the Seawall Ordinance changed?

    • D. Can I install a pool in my front yard?

    • E. Can I install a dock on Seminole Lake or any other privately owned waterway?

    • F. Do interior signs need a permit?

    • G. Can I install a sign as Owner Builder?

    • H. What is a sight triangle?

    • I. What are the different sizes of sight triangles?