Message from the Building Official

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Dear Neighbor,

Building OfficialIt is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Building Services Division. The information contained in these webpages will help us share valuable information with you about construction, alterations and other improvements to our buildings and structures throughout the City. You can conveniently connect with us at home, at the office and even out of town.

The goal of the Building Services Division is to ensure that construction, alterations and improvements to the buildings where we work, visit and live are safe to occupy. We do this through careful review of plan documents that are submitted to us for construction and improvements, and through progress inspections during the construction of our buildings and structures. We utilize adopted building standards from Federal, State, County and City agencies. We also ensure that contractors performing these construction and improvement activities are properly licensed and insured. Additionally, we work closely with the City of Fort Lauderdale Code Compliance Division to ensure that construction and alteration projects are properly permitted and inspected.

We embrace the idea of partnership and cooperation with the design professionals and contractors who are embarking on projects within the City. It is my strong desire to have my staff available to meet with these groups at the early stages of concept and development, so that there is efficiency and guidance in the preparation of drawings as well as uninterrupted progress through the various stages of construction throughout the City.

I am enthusiastic about serving the City of Fort Lauderdale and our neighbors. I look forward to working with the design professionals and contractors in the City. Please feel free to contact the Building Services Division with your concerns, or to invite one of our representatives to your next Professional Association meeting for a "meet & greet."


John T. Travers
Building Official