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DSD-Engineering Forms and Info

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Welcome to the Department of Sustainable Development Engineering Division of the City of Fort Lauderdale!

MISSION STATEMENT:  “The Engineering Division strives to build community through safeguarding the public health, safety and welfare and providing a friendly, fair and expedient permit approval process for applicants.”

The Engineering Division reviews site plans and construction permits for both major developments and minor work in the right-of-way to ensure projects meet concurrency/adequacy requirements and are designed and constructed in accordance with applicable engineering standards, building codes, and environmental regulations, and permitted through the appropriate regulatory agencies.  The scope of review generally encompasses the following areas:  

Site Plans (Development Review Committee)

  • Safe/Adequate Access/Circulation for Vehicles and Pedestrians (On-Site and in Right-of-Way)

  • Adequacy of Stormwater Management Systems

  • Adequacy of Water and Wastewater Service

  • Dedication or Vacation of Public Rights-of-Way and Easements

  • Development Agreements and Revocable Licenses

Construction Permits

  • Roadway, Sidewalk and Driveway Improvements

  • Connections to the Public Water and Wastewater Systems, Water Meters and Services

  • Stormwater Collection Systems

  • Franchise Utilities and Communications Facilities

  • Crane Permits (in Right-of-Way)

  • Construction Traffic Plans (in association with the Transportation Department)

  • Pollution and Sediment Control Plans

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   Fire Hydrant   Stormwater Ops

Your project is very important to us! In an effort to maintain exceptional service during this high-volume period and allocate the resources needed to perform the reviews and inspections in a timely manner, we are incorporating the following actions to help streamline the engineering review process:

Our Forms and Informational Materials for an accurate plan review process are found on this page.  Please scroll down the entire page and read all titles carefully to see which option best fits your permitting needs.  If you cannot locate the information you are seeking, please see below for meeting instructions and contact information.

“Professional Day” Meeting Instructions: 

We appreciate your patience while we continue to make improvements to execute the reviews more efficiently.  It has been our pleasure to serve you and we look forward to your continued support while we strive to improve our services to meet your needs.

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DSD-Engineering Forms

The following documents are forms most commonly associated with DSD-Engineering:

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**Forms in fillable PDF pdf format, you'll need Adobe Acrobat ReaderInternet Explorer is the recommended Browser.**  

Application for Utility Service

Utility Service Applications are required for proposed domestic/ irrigation water service connections 4" and larger, as well as fire service connections 2" and larger.  


Developments in the City Right-of-Way, Construction Bond requirements include the following permit types: Mitigation / Site Preparation, Sidewalk / Concrete work, Paving Restoration, Underground Utilities / Water / Sewer / Storm Water / Cranes over 10,000 lbs. / Dewatering / Franchise Utilities.       Click "Bond Instructions" button below for forms and details:

Bond Instructions

Capital Expansion Fees

The City of Fort Lauderdale Department of Public Services provides Water and Wastewater services to customers throughout the City and to certain customers outside of the City. The documents in this section are for customers first connecting to the city’s water or wastewater system.

Capital Expansion Fees for Master construction permits submitted on or after December 16, 2019:
Type ERC Equivalent Fee Rate
Water 300 gpd $1,977 / ERC
Sanitary Sewer 175 gpd $1,888 / ERC



Capital Expansion Fees for Master construction permits submitted prior to December 16, 2019:
Type ERC Equivalent Fee Rate
Water 300 gpd $1,386 / ERC
Sanitary Sewer 300 gpd $ 651 / ERC

City Engineering Standard Details

Communications Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way

(Small Cell/5G Technology Permits)


Crane Placement the Public Right-of-Way

Dedicated Public Right-of-Way Easements


Demolition Forms

Dewatering Forms

“Dewatering” refers to any technique that is employed to lower groundwater level.

Development Review Committee (DRC) Related Information

Driveway Forms

Final Survey Checklists

The following are required to be submitted to the Engineering Permitting Division for review and approval prior to issuance of Certificate of Occupancy.

Franchise Utility Permit Forms

(Gas, Electric, Fiber/Telecommunications Permits)


Maintenance Declarations

Typically these conveyances are required as a condition of site plan approval, and executed prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. The City’s sample Maintenance Declaration document is provided below in both Adobe PDF and MS Word.  **PLEASE READ THE PROVIDED INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY TO AVOID DELAYS.**

Miscellaneous Engineering Forms

  • Engineering Permit Application pdf (Uniform Building Permit Application - Select/Enter One Trade) Note: As of 04/01/2016, only this form will be accepted. The form is fillable; neighbors are encouraged to fill it out online and print it for legibility purposes.

(MOT) Maintenance of Traffic

A Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan is required any time work is conducted within a City of Fort Lauderdale right-of-way.  The required permit type is a GMOT permit.

Pet Waste Dispensers

Pet Waste Dispenser


LauderStreet Map

 Logo_Lauderstreet logo

The City has developed LauderStreet, a mobile friendly searchable map that provides location-specific information about road and sidewalk closures in the City's Right-of-Way. When applying for an MOT in the City, you can use LauderStreet as a planning tool to see if there are any current or upcoming closures at the same location during the times and dates you are submitting an MOT. By avoiding overlapping road closures and working together we can reduce traffic impacts in the City.

LauderStreet features location-specific information on each closure such as the reason for the closure, duration of the closure and in many cases, detour information. The map links directly to Google’s traffic layer, allowing users to see the impact a closure is having on traffic. Please click here to view LauderStreet today!

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