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DSD-Engineering E-Permitting Process

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Our DSD-Engineering E-Permitting process is to help streamline the permitting process for certain permit types. E-permits will be accepted via fillable Adobe PDF E-forms submission as outlined below.  

This new process will allow for the electronic submittal, routing, review and issuance of approved e-permit types. It will also take the DSD-Engineering department one step closer toward our ultimate goal of a paperless permit process.  

To use the e-permitting service, you must first ensure that you have all supporting documentation either scanned or in electronic format (Adobe pdf format required).

INSTRUCTIONS for Electronic Submittal of Permit Package:


  1. Site Plan showing ALL proposed work.

  2. Franchise Utility Permit Application (on latest form).

  3. Franchise Utility Checklist (on latest form).

  4. Copy of City Utility Atlas Maps (per checklist).

  5. User Registration Form (Information to be current per Florida Ch_2019-131).

If there is additional information needed, you will be notified via email or phone. If your application is complete, you will be emailed an official permit for you to print and post at the job site.

We will accept e-permit applications from City-registered contractors. See below for specific DSD-Engineering  permits allowable via e-permitting (at this time).

 Allowable E-permit Types  Instructions
 Franchise Utility Permits (Gas, Electric, Fiber/Telecommunications)  Shown Below
 Communications Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way (Small Cell/5G Technology)  Shown Below


User Registrations - (Information to be current per Florida Ch_2019-131):

To Apply:

1. Total File Size 25 MB (25,000 KB) or Less. 

2. Total File size Greater than 25 MB (25,000 KB):

a. First, try to Reduce file size: 1. Adobe-Save as Other-Reduced Size PDF or 2. WinZip of PDF

b. OR if the file size is still over the limit, Request Access to City SERV-U using this LINK


Notes specific for COMMUNICATIONS (SMALL CELL/5G) Engineering Permit (Utility Franchise-selecting appropriate check boxes for communications): Submitted electronically using the button below; However, the corresponding Electrical Permit (Low Voltage) is currently still submitted in hardcopy through the City DSD clerks (instructions below).



1. Apply using button above.

2. After DSD-Engineering has tentatively approved the permit, the Utility Company will apply for an Electrical Low Voltage permit following the procedure outlined below:

a) Select this link: Electrical Sub-Permit Instructions & Application

b) After Electrical Sub-Permit has been obtained, the Utility Company must submit for Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) approval from Transportation and Mobility (TAM). Click this Link for TAM-MOT info procedures.

c) Once TAM has notified DSD-Engineering that the MOT has been approved, DSD-Engineering will assemble the final permit package and notify the applicant via E-mail.

NOTE: For your Benefit and to save permit processing time:  DO NOT APPLY FOR MOT until BOTH Utility Franchise/Communications & Low Voltage Permits have been APPROVED.

E-PERMITTING GUIDELINES: Once your E-Permit application is received by DSD-Engineering Services, it will be processed on a "first-come, first-served" basis. When we have completed the processing, we will email you a validated copy of the permit.


An ENG-ENGINEERING ROUGH inspection will be scheduled automatically for you upon Permit Issuance.

For ENG-ENGINEERING JOBCHECK and ENG-ENGINEERING FINAL inspections, please request by calling 954-828-5191 or via ONLINE SERVICES at LauderBuild Logo.

To closeout Permits:

Provide As-built to DSD-Engineering Plan Reviewers via E-mail using this LINK. (Refer to notes above file size limits).


If you do not currently have an email address, please note that there are several simple options you can use to obtain one for free.

Please feel free to contact DSD-Engineering Administration, 954-828-5232, if you have any questions or comments on the procedure.

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