Elevation Certificates

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If your property is located in a flood zone, an elevation certificate can give you information about a particular structure in relation to that flood zone. 

Elevation certificates are required in the City of Fort Lauderdale for all new construction and substantial improvements, as well as for any additions being made to an existing structure. The City of Fort Lauderdale does not prepare elevation certificates. Elevation certificates are prepared by licensed surveyors, architects, and engineers. The certificates are submitted to the Office of the Floodplain Manager as a requirement of the building permit process. Once submitted, the Floodplain Manager retains a copy of the certificate.

We are currently in the process of building an electronic database of all certificates on file with the Office of the Floodplain Manager. To find out if an elevation certificate is available for your property, visit our Elevation Certificate Search Application. Alternatively, you may contact the Floodplain Manager, Richard Benton, at 954-828-6133 or by email at

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