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Current Notices and Updates

Wave Streetcar Permit Review

To ensure that proposed work does not conflict with the Wave Streetcar’s plans or construction, the City of Fort Lauderdale is requesting all work within the Wave Streetcar’s influence area to be reviewed by the Wave Streetcar team.  Please contact Alexandra Saiz, the City’s Project Manager, to facilitate the Wave Streetcar’s review.

New accessibility inspection type: While an accessibility inspection has always been conducted per the Florida Accessibility Code requirements (FBC 2014 5th edition), Building Services will add a new inspection type as of the end of August 2017.

An accessibility inspection will now be conducted as a separate inspection instead of in conjunction with a final inspection. A BADAACCESS inspection must be scheduled and passed prior to Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion issuance for structures that will be occupied by people. 

Structural/Building Forms 

The following documents are the forms most commonly associated with structural permit types:

The following documents are common forms used in both residential and commercial projects: