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Neighbor Resources

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Community Enhancement and Compliance Division Presentation

Residential Trash Cart Placement Flyer

If You Receive a Notice of ViolationNOTICE OF VIOLATION

Contact the code compliance officer to find out how to correct the violation and do so promptly. You may ask for additional time provided you are making progress on correcting the violation. Some problems are serious and correction must not be delayed. There may be assistance available to low-income homeowners through the City's Housing and Economic Development Department. Remember to get proper permits that may be required for some repairs.

Learn how the City's Code Compliance inspection process works:

If prompt action is not taken to correct the violation, there are several possible consequences. The City may arrange for a lot to be mowed or for a vacant, open structure to be boarded. The cost is then billed to you. If legal action becomes necessary, you will be served a notice to appear before either the Special Magistrate, Code Enforcement Board or Unsafe Structures Board. You must explain your case, and ultimately correct the violations in order to avoid fines and liens.

Remember: The Community Enhancement and Compliance Division team is here to help. Working together will prevent blight in our neighborhoods and throughout the City, and further influence and enhance the quality of life in our City.


LauderBuild, the City of Fort Lauderdale's new Accela Citizen Access portal (ACA) is now live! Neighbors may use the site to search for code enforcement case records, pay fines or fees, or check on the status of a code enforcement case. Please use our LauderBuild Guide or contact us at 954-828-5207 if you have any questions regarding LauderBuild services.

Making Payments For Code Compliance Cases

If you wish to make a payment on a code compliance case you may do so online, by mail or by visiting our office located at 700 NW 19th Avenue.  Online payments are available through LauderBuild.  If you are unsure of the amount you need to pay please call us at 954-828-5207.  Note that partial payments are not accepted.

  • Payments are accepted using MasterCard, Visa or American Express at our office or online using LauderBuild. Credit card payments are not accepted over the phone.
  • Cash payment options are not available.
  • Payments sent through the mail may be made using a check or money order made payable to the City of Fort Lauderdale and must include the case number, the property address, and contact information for the payee in the remittance.  Mail all payments to:

Community Enhancement and Compliance Division
700 NW 19th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Towed Vehicles

If your vehicle has been towed as a result of a code compliance violation please contact:

Westway Towing
3681 West Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Reporting Animal Issues

Report Animal Cruelty

Call the Broward County Animal Cruelty Hotline at 311. If it is after 5 p.m., weekends or holidays, call the Broward Sheriff’s Office at 954-765-4321 and press option 5. If you witness acts of cruelty against livestock, farm animals, or wildlife such as birds, ducks and raccoons, please call your local law enforcement agency. You may also report Animal Cruelty to BSO Crime Stoppers anonymously by calling 954-493-8477 or filing a complaint online.

Sick or Injured Stray Animals

Please contact Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Division at 954-359-1313 ext. 9249 or the Fort Lauderdale Police Department non-emergency number at 954-764-HELP (4357).  After business hours (5 p.m. – 8 a.m.) please contact the Broward County Sheriff Office Call Center at 954-765-5124.

Sick, Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

Please contact the South Florida Wildlife Center (8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) at 954-524-4302.

Deceased Animal Removal From City Property

For removal of dead animals from the City right of ways or swales please contact the Public Works Department at 954-828-8000.

Please note that removal of dead animals from private property is the responsibility of the property owner. If the deceased animal is on private property, please contact a private pickup service for its removal.

  • All Star Animal Removal: 954-839-6541
  • Animal Rangers: 1-800-248-7264
  • Humane Animal Removal: 305-232-1100
  • Wildlife Removal Services: 954-218-4492
  • Critter Control: 954-903-7117

Deceased Animal Removal From Interstate Highways

To request pick up of deceased animals on state-maintained roads, such as I-95 and I-595, please contact the Florida Department of Transportation's Southeast Florida District Office at 954-776-4300.

Deceased Animal Removal From Toll Roads

To request pick up of deceased animals on Florida's Turnpike or the Sawgrass Expressway, please contact the Turnpike Operations Center at *347 or 954-975-4855 (after-hours).

Check Your Property

Community Enhancement Brochure


  • Repair rotted wood, broken or missing boards, siding or shingles and make all exterior parts weather tight, rodent proof and sound. Exteriors must be resistant to water and be covered with paint, siding, or brick that is in good condition. Inspect:
  • Keep housing safe, sanitary, in good repair and sound condition. Inspect both interior and exterior:
  • Walls, ceilings, floors
  • Plumbing pipes and fixtures
  • Windows and screens 

Unsightly Shutters

  • Make sure that:
  • Address numbers are permanently attached to the house and clearly visible from the street and alley
  • Garbage is disposed of in the appropriate container or removed from the property
  • There are no areas where stagnant water collects and breeds mosquitos

Common Code Violations

Dock House Numbering On Waterways


Yard Maintenance

  • Mow the lawn so that grass is six inches or less in height.
  • Edge or remove growth from sidewalks, curb lines, gutters.

Bulk Trash

  • The City has a Bulk Trash Program and Special Bulk pickup service for residential customers who pay for garbage service provided by the City. Bulk trash information is available by calling (954) 828-8000.
  • Place bulk trash on your curb or swale no more than 24 hours in advance of your regularly scheduled pickup day. Putting bulk trash out more than 24 hours in advance could result in receiving a citation from the City.


  • Store furniture, building materials, junk, disabled or untagged automobiles, refrigerators, freezers and auto parts inside of a legally constructed, fully enclosed structure.
  • No parking of commercial equipment (boat and trailer, utility trailer, camper, recreational vehicle) is permitted on the street or the City right-of-way. Some storage may be permitted in private yards under special conditions.

Paving / Parking

  • Driveways, steps, sidewalks and other paved areas must be in good condition and free of debris
  • Vehicles and motorcycles in front yards must be parked on a legally recognized and approved parking surface
  • Commercial vehicles and equipment may not be parked or stored in a residential zoned area between the hours of 9:00pm and 6:00am.

Business Activities

  • Home occupations (any business conducted from your home) must be properly licensed and must meet strict criteria. No traffic or outside display may occur and the occupation must be clearly secondary to the use of the property as a home.

Neighborhood Civic Associations

If you want to get involved in your neighborhood contact your local homeowners civic association to find out how.

Community Residences  

A Guide to Regulations on Community Residences



Other Important Phone Numbers 


  • 40-Year Building Program  954-828-5260
  • City Hall 954-828-5000
  • Business Tax 954-828-5195
  • City Housing Authority 954-828-6444
  • City Records 954-828-3772
  • Environmental Services 954-828-7845
  • Lien Search Requests 954-828-5155
  • Non-Emergency Police 954-764-HELP (4357) 
  • Parking Enforcement  954-828-3700 
  • Permits 954-828-6520
  • Permit Inspections 954-828-5191
  • Property Records 954-828-5257
  • Public Works 954-828-8000
  • Sewer & Water Works 954-828-8000
  • Urban Design & Planning Services 954-828-6163
  • Unlicensed Contractor Activity 850-487-1395 or visit


  • Broward County Health Department Mold Issues 954-467-4700 Ext. 4201
  • Broward County Property Appraiser 954-357-6830
  • Homestead Fraud Line 954-357-6900
  • Non-Emergency Broward Sheriff’s Office 954-786-4201