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LauderBuild FAQ

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LauderBuild FAQ

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What is LauderBuild?

  • How do I search for records on LauderBuild?

  • How do I register for an online account?

  • Do I have to register for an account?

  • Can I get an estimated permit cost?

  • How do I apply for a permit?

  • Why am I having so much trouble finding my address when creating an application?

  • Do I still need to fill out the Broward County Uniform Permit Application?

  • Can I upload documents for my application? What type?

  • How do I check my application status?

  • Can I start work if I entered my permit online?

  • How do I pay fees for permits and other records?

  • How do I schedule an inspection?

  • How do I submit a Vacation Rental Certificate application?

  • How do I manage my records?

  • Do all applications have to be submitted online? Can I still come down to the office?