Central Beach Master Plan


At the City Commission’s direction, staff is currently working on an effort to amend the City’s Unified Land Development Regulations (ULDR) to amend key standards in the Central Beach zoning districts to promote sustainable redevelopment throughout our Central Beach.

The Central Beach code revisions include revised design standards to support an active pedestrian environment,  promoting active uses along building frontages including lobbies, residential units, retail, restaurant space or other human occupied spaces. In addition, design standards will also focus on open space provisions, adaptive reuse incentives, more defined criteria, setback requirements and streetscape design elements.

The intent of these revisions is to adopt code language that is easy to understand, and is both qualitative  and quantitative to promote the most appropriate design solutions based on the context of each site.

Additional background information and the November 13, 2018 presentation to the City Commission are available online

For comments and input or additional information, please contact the Urban Design and Planning Division of the Department of Sustainable Development at 954-828-6520 or e-mail:

Please note that a future community open house will be scheduled to present the changes and obtain community input.


Past Efforts 

 A significant amount of private development and public investment has occurred on Fort Lauderdale’s barrier island over the past 30 years, creating one of South Florida’s most notable destinations. Most of this growth was based on planning studies conducted in the 1980’s. The Central Beach Master Plan effort initiated in 2008, with the assistance of the consulting firm Sasaki and Associates, brought the community together to analyze past successes and failures and set the course for future development patterns and public improvements in the beach area. Following a series of public input meetings, various public realm improvement opportunities were identified and design principles for guiding private development were established with the assistance of the consulting firm Sasaki and Associates. In 2011, the City Commission authorized more than $70 million worth of public improvement projects for the Central Beach CRA as originally outlined in the Master Plan. This work has helped to move toward the vision of a dynamic, mixed-use and pedestrian-friendly urban beach destination. The emphasis moving forward is to improve the remaining portions of the Central Beach.

The draft 2009 Central Beach Master Plan, also known as the “Sasaki Plan,” can be found at this link: