Downtown Master Plan


downtown master plan pictureThe Fort Lauderdale City Commission adopted the Consolidated Downtown Master Plan on November 18, 2003 after broad input from various stakeholders, including residents, business leaders, property owners, developers, Downtown Development Authority and other organizations. The Plan serves as a guide for development projects and sets forth the City’s vision for the future of Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

It details the Downtown’s potential and provides a blueprint for creating an active urban center with a variety of public spaces and transportation options as well as a mix of uses, including housing, shopping, employment and entertainment opportunities.

In 2007, updates and refinements to the Chapter 4 Design Guidelines were incorporated into the Plan, with additional input from stakeholders. The refinements addressed in the update include an emphasis on high quality architecture, improvements to streetscape design, and building relationships to each other and the public realm.

The Downtown Master Plan’s successful implementation has been driven by the cooperation between the public and private sectors and has already resulted in many new projects that help carry out the vision for Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Downtown Master Plan

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