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Riverwalk District Plan

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New River MP design principals 

The Riverwalk District Arts & Entertainment (A&E) / Public Realm Plan was initiated in the summer of 2009 as an effort to improve and enhance the Riverwalk and the blocks north and south of the New River by accomplishing the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen and expand the identity and presence of arts, cultural and entertainment uses within the Riverwalk District;
  2. Create lively, safe, attractive and comfortable public spaces, that draw people and activity to the River; and
  3. Introduce a management strategy for operating, marketing, programming, evaluating, improving, and ensuring the sustainability of the Riverwalk District.

Originally conceived in the Downtown New River Master Plan, the vision exists for a Riverwalk District as the urban center of Broward County, providing a unique South Florida destination and a cosmopolitan experience for all to enjoy.  A district where performances spill out of venues into waterfront parks; where walking to a gallery, a show, and dinner in one evening is a seamless, comfortable event; where a large-scale new development might incorporate a black-box theater or art-cinema along with complementary retail uses; where strategically placed arts and entertainment venues relate to the network of open spaces, streets, and surrounding neighborhoods; and where the variety of venues, public art, and events creates the destination, attracting a diverse group of residents and tourists of all ages.

A multi-faceted consultant team comprised of urban planners, architects, landscape architects, event programmers, and cultural district planners is working closely with City staff and key stakeholders of the Riverwalk District to develop recommendations that will pave the way for realizing the vision of the Riverwalk District.

Draft Plan - September 27, 2010

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