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Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

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On February 4, 2014, the City of Fort Lauderdale adopted an amendment to the City's Downtown Master Plan to incorporate transit oriented development (TOD) guidelines.  The purpose of the TOD guidelines is to guide and encourage future development within proximity to premium transit stations, while aligning the current Downtown Master Plan design guidelines with current and planned transit initiatives. The guidelines aim to create pedestrian-friendly, vibrant station areas to support the continued growth of the Downtown as a live, work, and play environment. They address design, land use, mobility and parking standards in order to create a more compact development pattern that supports transit, walking, and biking. The TOD guidelines are a vital component to supporting the City’s vision to enhance the quality of life through connecting communities, creating walkable streets and offering easy access to mass transit services.


The Fort Lauderdale City Commission adopted the Downtown Master Plan on November 18, 2003 after broad input from various stakeholders, including residents, business leaders and in partnership with the Downtown Development Authority and other organizations. The Plan currently serves as a blueprint for the future development of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, by guiding and promoting an urban center with a variety of public spaces and transportation options as well as a mix of uses, including housing, shopping, employment and entertainment opportunities. The Downtown Master Plan’s successful implementation has been driven by the cooperation between the public and private sectors and has resulted in many significant projects to date that help carry out this vision. The Master Plan was amended in 2007 to emphasize high quality architecture, improvements to streetscape design, and the public realm. After a period of stagnant growth caused by the 2009 global recession, Downtown Fort Lauderdale has experienced an influx in new residential development applications and other projects.

As Downtown Fort Lauderdale continues to grow and mature as the County’s regional metropolitan area, protecting and enhancing the quality of life for our neighbors and visitors is an essential component of future planning efforts.  New development must knit together the urban fabric into a seamless pattern of beautiful streets, public spaces and buildings of the highest quality, all within easy access to various modes of transportation. Mobility options are essential to keep people moving throughout the City and for the continued economic health and vibrancy of the Downtown. Investments in multimodal transportation options and creating a safe and walkable city were identified as top ranked priorities of the Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale Vision Plan 2035.  In support of this vision, the City adopted an amendment to the City's Downtown Master Plan in February 2014 to incorporate transit oriented development (TOD) guidelines.  The guidelines aim to encourage pedestrian-friendly, vibrant transit station areas that support a sustainable live, work, and play environment.