Pay by Phone



How Does It Work?

In areas where this service is implemented, you no longer need cash for parking. Simply park your car, make one short phone call, and then head for your destination. You can even choose to receive a text message reminder before your parking time expires. You have the option of calling back and extending your parking session from anywhere, subject to meter time limits. Pay By Phone parking is convenient, easy, and safe. Pay By Phone is a service of Verrus, "The Pay By Phone Company." You can sign up for a free account now.


What Are the Benefits?

  • No need for cash or credit cards at the meter
  • Optional text message reminders before your parking time expires
  • Extend parking time remotely from any phone to avoid tickets
  • Pay for parking from the comfort and safety of your vehicle
  • View and print parking receipts online


How Does the Parking Officer Know I'm Using Pay By Phone?

When you pay for your parking by phone, your parking space and parking time are automatically displayed on a handheld device used by the parking officer.

Is It Safe to Do a Credit Card Transaction on a Mobile Phone?

Yes. Your credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and is never entered, displayed, or spoken during a transaction.

When Will I See the Transactions on My Credit Card Statement?

Each time you pay for your parking by cell phone, the payment is processed in real time. The amount of time that goes by before the transaction shows up on your statement will vary depending on your credit card company.

What Happens If I Get a Parking Violation?

Simply call Parking Services at 954-828-3700 and provide the representative with your violation number and the phone number from your account. The representative will verify that you are a registered user and that you were logged in at the time of violation.

Does Pay By Phone Parking Cost Extra?

The regular parking charge, plus a 35-cent convenience fee will be charged to your credit card. The 35-cent fee is reduced to 25 cents if you deselect the optional 10-cent text message reminder option. A history of transactions is then viewable any time you log into your account at

Do I Get a Receipt?

You can view all your transactions by logging into your account online. All parking charges can be printed in the form of a receipt, if required.

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