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Dixie Highway Complete Streets dhcs

DJI_0054  DJI_0083

The project area is on Old Dixie Highway north of NE 13th Street.  These improvements were developed by the Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association utilizing a Neighborhood Community Investment Plan (NCIP) Grant.  Chen-Moore was hired to develop the conceptual Complete Street design  with the neighborhood for Old Dixie Highway in January 2012. 

The street had limited accommodations for anything other than vehicles and encouraged those vehicles to speed through the neighborhood creating a serious safety concern.  There were originally no crosswalks along the entire stretch of roadway, only intermittent sidewalk on varying sides, limited lighting, no bike lanes, and no traffic calming.

The concept for improvements of Old Dixie Highway was developed through a series of meetings with the neighborhood during 2013 to finalize the vision.  Funding had been identified for Old Dixie Highway that was able to cover a portion of the proposed improvements, however there was a $1 million gap.  City staff submitted the project to the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for a Transportation Alternatives Grant to cover the remaining funding needs and the grant was successful.

 In 2014 the design of the project began and was managed by the Florida Department of Transportation by their in-house designers.  The design did a great job holding to the vision of the community including a roundabout at NE 17th Ct, raised patterned pavement intersections, various crosswalks, the completion of the sidewalks on both sides of the street, green painted bike lanes, and pedestrian lighting.  The streetscape improvements have transformed Old Dixie Highway into a multimodal corridor that provides places for all modes of transportation on the street where once it was focused on the vehicle. 

This project is a great example of a neighborhood having a vision and pushing to realize their vision through partnerships with the City, MPO, and FDOT to see it to fruition.  It included funding from the neighborhood’s NCIP funds, State FDOT programmed funding, and TAP Grant funds through the MPO.

The project began construction in March 2017 and was completed in March 2018. 

Broward Complete Streets Master Plan Studybcsmps

Tbcs-masterplan-logo_revised_pantonehe Broward MPO is developing a Complete Streets Master Plan to guide future investments by creating a prioritized list of projects based on technical, data-driven analysis and community input. By participating in this survey, you will provide the Broward MPO with insights on what type of street design and improvements are needed to make Broward safer, better connected, and better able to meet the needs of all of its residents. Four $50 Visa gift cards will be raffled off to those that participate in the survey.

For more information, please click here.

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Broward Boulevard at I-95 Project Development and Environment Study #bbat95

The FDOT, District Four, is conducting a PD&E Study at the SR 9/I-95 at SR 842/Broward Boulevard Interchange. The project area extends along SR 9/I-95 from south of Davie Boulevard to south of Sunrise Boulevard and on Broward Boulevard from west of SW 24 Avenue to east of NW/SW 18 Avenue. This study will develop three viable alternatives and alignments to increase the level of service of the interchange and adjacent intersections, enhance system linkage and modal interrelationships at I-95 and Broward Boulevard, reduce congestion, and increase safety at the interchange through the 2040 design year horizon. The study will be compatible with the 95 Express Lane Improvements Phase 3 and will evaluate comprehensive improvements to the surrounding multimodal facilities.

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Quiet Zones 

The City of Fort Lauderdale and the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is initiating a process to designate QZCrossingsseveral railroad crossings along the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway corridor as Quiet Zones to improve the quality of life for our neighbors. 

Quiet Zone is a section of railroad track at least one-half mile long that includes one or more consecutive public highway railroad crossings where train horns are not sounded upon the train’s approach, except in emergency situations at the conductor’s discretion.

Establishing Quiet Zones will not only lower the sound passing trains make, but they will also allow for an increase in the number of passenger and freight trains along the FEC Railway corridor without impacting our neighbors' standard of living. 

For more information on Quiet Zones within the City and throughout Broward County, please click here or email Juan Rodriguez


NE 13th Street Complete Streets Project

The Central City CRA was awarded a grant by the Broward County Housing Finance and Community Development Division for improvements within the public right-of-way along NE 13th Street between NE 4th Avenue and NE 9th Avenue.  This project will improve the streetscape by adding on-street parking, bike lanes, wider sidewalks, pedestrian lighting and landscaping improvements.  Slower traffic, wider sidewalks separating pedestrians from vehicles, and a dedicated space for bicycles will create a walkable corridor while improving safety for people along NE 13th Street.  The project is currently under design and construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2016.  

NE 13th Street Public Meeting September 16, 2015

NE 13th Street Frequently Asked Questions

NE 13th Street Project Schedule  

Implementing Sharrows


Pavement markings, referred to as “sharrows” or “shared-use arrows,” inform users that the street is being navigated and shared by both bicyclists and motorists. Sharrows are not the same as bike lanes, which reserve a section of the street for bicyclists only. Instead, sharrows indicate that bicyclists may ride on the street using the full lane by following the middle of the arrow on the pavement markings.  They also alert motorists to expect bicyclists on the street. 

Sharrows are used in the new parallel bike route to the north and south of Sunrise Boulevard, between the Searstown and the Gateway Intersection, for the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) US 1 Improvements Project.

Connecting the Blocks Painted Intersection Program

SE 1st Ave May 2014  SE 2nd Ave July 2014  SE 3rd Ave November 2014

Learn how the City's Connecting the Blocks Painted Intersection Program is enabling City staff, neighbors, local organizations, students, etc. to turn public spaces into community places, as well as enhance Fort Lauderdale’s identity as a fun, dynamic, pedestrian-friendly destination. 

Bonnet House Pedestrian Path

IMAG0034    IMAG0037

The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens is re-opening the south side pedestrian entrance and is partnering with the City of Fort Lauderdale to create a designed pedestrian pathway. The designed pedestrian pathway will help define and encourage walkability in the area and will improve pedestrian safety.The artwork was designed by a local artist; highlighting the artistic talent within the City of Fort Lauderdale. 

City Adopts Complete Streets Policy

The City of Fort Lauderdale developed a Complete Streets Policy based on the recently adopted Broward County Complete Streets Policy. Complete Streets establishes a policy that changes the previous mentality of looking at streets based on the needs of vehicles first, to looking at pedestrian needs first, then bicyclists, then transit, and considering the needs of vehicles last. The development of desirable and safe alternative modes of transportation through walking, biking, and transit will reduce the level of traffic by allowing people to choose other modes of travel for daily trips.

Birch Road Complete Streets

birch rd existing and proposed

Birch Road is a major corridor running parallel to the beach and A1A. A large number of pedestrians and bicyclists utilize Birch Road; however, existing conditions do not support pedestrians or bicyclists. Current plans will phase in complete streets elements, including: expanded sidewalks, dedicated bicycle facilities, increased signage, and improved curb space. The planned improvements will increase pedestrian and bicyclist safety, while improving the walkability and visual aesthetics in the area. 

 Powerline Road Complete Streets

Powerline Rd street sections

The City of Fort Lauderdale is partnering with the Florida Department of Transportation to improve safety for all users on Powerline Road from Sunrise Boulevard to NE 29th Street in Wilton Manors. The Restoration, Resurfacing, and Rehabilitation (RRR) project with eliminate one lane in each direction, incorporating a dedicated buffered bike lane. The proposed enhancements will improve safety for all users by adding dedicated bike facilities, reducing the distance and number of vehicle lanes for pedestrians to cross, and reducing the potential for vehicle sideswipe incidents. It is anticipated the project would begin construction in 2016. 

Powerline Road Project Summary


I-595 Express Lanes

595 express 

595 Express consist of tolled, reversible express lanes, located in the existing median of I-595. These lanes will give motorists the ability to choose a reliable long-distance travel option when their time is more valuable than the toll being charged. The reversible lanes operate as managed lanes with variable tolls. In order to manage the flow of traffic, these lanes are tolled at varying rates throughout the day with higher toll rates during peak traffic periods.

595 Express operates:

  • In the eastbound direction in the mornings
  • In the westbound direction in the afternoons

To maximize the operational efficiency of 595 Express, vehicles enter and exit from exchange areas in the medians of I-595 and Florida’s Turnpike at the following locations:

  • The western location -- between I-75 and Flamingo Road, serving I-75 and the Sawgrass Expressway.
  • The eastern location -- between Florida’s Turnpike and State Road 7, serving points east of State Road 7, including I-95.
  • Access to/from Florida's Turnpike, serving the express lanes west of the Turnpike interchange, is provided by ramps connecting to the Turnpike between Griffin Road and Peters Road.

Andrews Avenue Optical Speed Bars

Optical speed bars are intended to warn off a hazardous area by using transverse lines. These lines are configured in a way that the spacing between lines decreases as the hazard is approached, thus creating an optical illusion of acceleration to the driver and gives the impression of traveling faster then intended.

Replacement of Las Olas Finger Bridges and the Sunrise Key Bridge

Project improvements include:

  • demolishing and replacing the bridges at Royal Palm Drive, Nurmi Drive, Fiesta Way, and Isle of Venice and the bridge at Sunrise Key Boulevard
  • preserving and reusing the historic bridge urns and pedestals on the Las Olas Isles bridges
  • installing recessed low-level lighting similar to the existing lighting
  • widening the traffic lanes on the Las Olas Isles bridges to 10 feet and widening the sidewalks to 6 feet
  • widening the traffic lanes on the Sunrise Key Boulevard bridge to 11 feet and widening the sidewalk to 7 feet

For more details, visit FDOT's project summary.

Reconstruction of A1A From Sunrise Boulevard to NE 18th Street

Project improvements include:

  • constructing a wide beachfront promenade on the east side of A1A consisting of a paver sidewalk
  • installing a decorative sea wall with accent lighting
  • constructing a raised median in front of Birch State Park
  • constructing median islands and left turn lanes in the residential section
  • installing a new underground drainage system and relocating underground utilities
  • adjusting manhole covers
  • restoring beach showers
  • installing decorative
  • turtle-friendly pedestrian lighting on both sides of A1A
  • installing signalized pedestrian crosswalks at Birch State Park, NE 15th Court and NE 17th Street

 For more details, visit FDOT's project summary.