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Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Permit

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A Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan is required any time work is conducted within a City of Fort Lauderdale right-of-way. The MOT plan shall conform to the latest edition of FDOT’s Design Standards and Part IV of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for Streets and Highways. Compliance with the requirements of the approved plan are the responsibility of the applicant. The approved MOT must be on site prior to and during the entire construction period.

MOT Form and Guidelines
MOT Approval
LauderStreet Map                                                                                                                                                                                   MOT Process
Helpful Hints
Required Attachments
Contact Information

The Maintenance of Traffic Form and Guidelines

To download the MOT Form click here pdf.

  • Fill out the MOT Form electronically and attach all supplemental documents to the application. The City only accepts complete electronic applications. Incomplete applications will be rejected and returned to the applicant.

MOT Approval

The approval of a MOT application may require up to two (2) weeks from the time all required documents are received by Transportation and Mobility staff. Any rejected MOT submittal that is corrected and sent back will be considered a new submittal, which may require up to two (2) additional weeks to approve. Additional time may be needed for more complex plans requiring additional coordination/information.

LauderStreet MapLogo_Lauderstreet logo

The City has developed LauderStreet, a mobile friendly searchable map that provides location-specific information about road and sidewalk closures in the City's right-of-way. When applying for an MOT in the City, you can use LauderStreet as a planning tool to see if there are any current or upcoming closures at the same location during the times and dates you are submitting an MOT for. By avoiding overlapping road closures and working together we can reduce traffic impacts in the City.

LauderStreet features location-specific information on each closure such as the reason for the closure, duration of the closure and in many cases, detour information. The map links directly to Google’s traffic layer, allowing users to see the impact a closure is having on traffic. Please click here to view LauderStreet today!

MOT Process

The flow chart below provides an overview of the City's internal MOT process. To download a PDF version of this chart, click on the image below.


 2701 MOT Process Chart_11x17_Final_800px_web



Helpful Hints

  • Fill out the entire MOT form. If a field does not apply, use N/A. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  • Please obtain all required departmental signatures.
  • Submit MOT form to Transportation and Mobility for review and approval.
  • Be aware of corresponding communication (via phone or email) from the City's staff in regards to your MOT.
  • A certified Traffic Control Supervisor must sign the MOT plan, and a copy of his/her current certification must be
  • For road jurisdiction information, please visit Broward County's interactive map or view a PDF of the map here.
  • Broward County's MOT Application can be found here.
  • For more guidance, please refer to the Maintenance of Traffic Form and Guidelines

MOT Form Required Attachments

  • Completed Required Signatures Form
  • Color aerial(s)
  • Florida Department of Transportation Index Drawing(s)
  • MOT plan
  • Copy of certification(s) for Traffic Control Technician or Traffic Control Supervisor
  • Plan of work (optional, but preferred)
  • Photos of work site (optional, but preferred) 
  • County and State approvals (if required)
  • Crane and Parking Mitigation (if required)

For permit information, please visit the Building Permits page.

The Property and Right-of-Way application can be found here.

Contact Information

Department Name   Email Phone 
 Transportation and Mobility

 Heslop Daley

 Fire Rescue Department  Chief Chantal Botting  954-828-6864
 Police Department  Patrol Secretary Office 954-828-5477 
Broward County Traffic Engineering  Lei Cai  954-847-2653 
Department of Sustainable Development 

Judy Johnson 

(Permits and Crane Mitigation)    954-828-6159
Transportation and Mobility 
Parking Services

Lisa Coleman

(Parking Mitigation) 954-828-3790
Department of Sustainable Development   Urban Design and Planning (PROW)   954-828-6520 x3