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Neighborhood Mobility Master Plans

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Traffic flow and access to sidewalks and bike lanes is not just a concern in the major corridors across the City, but also within neighborhoods. Neighborhoods experience cut-through traffic, a need for traffic calming, and a lack of sidewalks, lighting, and shade, all of which impact our neighbors on a daily basis.  Oftentimes, these concerns are addressed on an individual basis; however, it is much more beneficial to look at a neighborhood holistically to understand what is happening and the best way to address any concerns.

The Transportation and Mobility Department began a program to assist neighborhoods with their transportation-related concerns through the Neighborhood Mobility Master Plan Program. Each master plan is developed in collaboration with the City's neighbors. Starting with a blank slate, city staff and neighbors sit down together and identify neighborhood concerns first. This is followed by collecting needed data and conducting multiple public meetings to identify potential solutions. This process results in a final master plan that is created based on the neighbors' vision for transportation improvements within their neighborhoods.

Study Process

The Neighborhood Mobility Master Plans are completed in four phases, as seen in the image below.

  • Phase 1: This phase focuses on identifying the areas of concern and opportunities in the neighborhood.
  • Phase 2: During this phase, potential improvements are identified and presented to the neighbors. The neighbors then select the strategies they would like implemented in their neighborhood.
  • Phase 3: The improvement types selected in Phase 2 are applied to the areas of concern identified in Phase 1.  
  • Phase 4: This phase is ongoing and includes the final master plan, prioritization of projects and project implementation as funds become available.

Study Process

Completed Master Plans

 Please click on the icons to view the completed mobility master plan for each neighborhood below.

Shady Banks Final Master Plan                     Shady Banks Prioritization                 Twin Lakes Master Plan


Tarpon River Master Plan                     Tarpon River Prioritization                     Traffic Plan final version Dec 2013 - amended preface 1


PAVW Final Masterplan                     Lake Ridge Mobility Masterplan                     CRCCE_FinalMP