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NPF-CRA Mobility Master Plan

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About the Mobility Master Plan

The Northwest-Progresso-Flagler (NPF) Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the City of Fort Lauderdale are collaborating to create the NPF-CRA Mobility Master Plan. The NPF CRA includes the River Garden Sweeting Estate, Progresso Village, Durrs, Home Beautiful Park, City View Townhomes, Flagler Village and Dorsey Riverbend Neighborhoods.

Mobility refers in a broad way to people who walk, people who bike, disabled persons on wheelchairs, but also people who drive cars or take buses, trams, trains, vans, trucks, airplanes and ships to get around.

This plan is a community-based effort that is analyzing the mobility needs and opportunities in the community and generating a list of transportation improvements that will define the mobility vision for the NPF-CRA area.

This plan for the NPF-CRA area can then be used to promote, fund, and build transportation infrastructure in this community.


Mobility Master Plan Objectives

  • Define the transportation options that could be available for the NPF-CRA community in the future

  • Collect and analyze data to develop baseline conditions and potential alternatives for improvements to address community needs

  • Seek widespread community input to develop a plan by the community for the community

  • Create a plan that lead to transportation infrastructure project on the ground

  • Redesign NW 7th Avenue/Avenue of the Arts and NW 9th Avenue/Powerline Rd to be safe for all street users .


Project Documents

The team has been working on various presentations/reports/deliverables to document the process behind this Master Plan. Check them out below.

  1. Study Area Base Map pdf
  2. November 13, 2018 CRA Advisory Board Kickoff Presentation pdf
  3. Community Workshop #1 Flyer pdf
  4. February 6, 2019 Community Meeting Presentation - Workshop #1 pdf
  5. Purpose and Need Statement / Guiding Principles pdf
  6. Community Meeting - April 17th - Flyer pdf
  7. April 17, 2019 Community Meeting Presentation pdf
  8. Community Workshop #2 Flyer pdf
  9. Existing Conditions Report pdf
  10. Prioritization Criteria Table pdf
  11. NW 7th & NW 9th Avenues Corridor Analysis Tech Memo pdf
  12. May 23, 2019 Community Meeting Presentation - Workshop #2 pdf
  13. June 11, 2019 CRA Advisory Board Meeting Presentation pdf
  14. NW 7th & NW 9th Concept Alternatives Comparative Analysis And Evaluation Matrix pdf
  15. Online Survey Data Summary Infographic pdf
  16. Network Comfort Assessment Baseline Map (LTS) pdf
  17. Study Area Bicycle Priority Corridors Map pdf
  18. Study Area Pedestrian Use Map pdf
  19. Study Area Modal Priority Map pdf
  20. Community Workshop #3 Flyer pdf
  21. August 22, 2019 Community Open House Presentation Boards pdf
  22. Preferred Alternatives (NW 7th & NW 9th) Planning Level Cost Estimates pdf
  23. Recommendations & Prioritization Methodology Tech Memo pdf
  24. Mobility Master Plan Final Report pdf