Dockless Bike and Scooter Sharing


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Dockless Bike Share and Scooter Share, also known as the Dockless Mobility Program, refers to a new type of shared mobility that allows users to unlock, rent, and ride bikes, electric bikes, and electric scooters from virtually anywhere using a smartphone application. Dockless bikes and scooters are stored out of the way of pedestrians, parked cars, or other users, ready to be rented by the next rider. 

For questions about the Dockless Mobility Program, please contact the Transportation Division at 954-828-4TAM (4826) or

Ridership Information 

Total Rides Total Miles Traveled Rides per Unique User per Day Rides per Scooter per Day Average Daily Riders Average Ride Duration (minutes)
November 83,805 117,279 1.63 5.25 569 28.29
December 131,279 191,985 1.55 4.14 696 27.27
January 107,457 154,763 1.66 3.52 548 25.26
February  90,379 116,972 1.58 3.30 469 15.93
March  80,727 79,289 1.57 3.21 400 23.37
Program to Date 493,647 660,288 1.60 3.88 536 24.02


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Dockless Bike Share and Scooter Share?

To rent a dockless bike or scooter, simply download one of the permitted operators' smartphone applications to find and unlock a bike or scooter, and ride! Always store your bike or scooter courteously when you're finished, be sure to follow all traffic laws, and wear a helmet for safety. 

When did the Dockless Mobility Permit Program begin?  

Fort Lauderdale's program began November 1, 2018.

Why aren't there dockless bikes available for rent?  

The City's permit program is market-driven. Each of the four operators has the option to utilize their permitted fleet as a mix of bikes, e-bikes, and scooters based on their company's unique needs.

Where can I ride dockless scooters?

Dockless scooters are authorized for use on sidewalks. Always yield to pedestrians.

    Where can I leave my bike or scooter when I'm done riding?

    When you finish your ride, make sure you park courteously, which means bikes and scooters should:

    • Be parked upright at all times
    • Never be parked on private property
    • Be kept away from B-Cycle/AvMed Rides stations
    • Maintain a minimum four-foot pedestrian path on sidewalks

    Make sure to NEVER block:

    • Sidewalks
    • Fire hydrants
    • Curb ramps
    • Parking spaces
    • Handicap accessible areas (ramps, parking spots, etc.)
    • Street furniture such as benches, parklets, trash and recycling receptacles, and parking meters
    • Business or residential entryways

    Who regulates dockless bike share and scooter share?

    The City of Fort Lauderdale Transportation and Mobility Department. 

    I found a broken dockless bike or scooter.  Who should I call?

    If it is an emergency, call 911. If it is not an emergency, please contact the customer service number provided on the bike or scooter.

    I see an incorrectly parked dockless bike or scooter.  Who should I call?

    If it is an emergency, call 911. If you see a fallen scooter or bicycle, be a good neighbor and upright it, if able. If it is not an emergency, please contact the customer service number provided on the bike or scooter or report using LauderServ. 


    The following are formal presentations that have been given to date related to the Dockless Mobility Permit Program.


    The Transportation Division permits up to four total operators who can maintain an initial fleet between 150 and 500 dockless scooters, bikes, and e-bikes. At this time, all four permits have been filled. Bird, Bolt, Gotcha, and Lime operate a combined total of 1,700 dockless scooters. More information including device descriptions, fleet sizes, and contact information can be found in the "Permitted Operators" section of this page. Additional  information about the permits can be found below.