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Summary of results and recommendations - This analysis was completed to identify transportation related impacts associated with the South Ocean Drive Bridge replacement project the City of Fort Lauderdale undertaking. There are two options for construction: a partial closure of the bridge which would make the project take longer and cost more or a full closure of the bridge which would take less time and cost less. If the bridge is completely removed (full closure), it will require a redirecting of neighborhood traffics towards the Harbour Inlet Drive Intersection with SR-A1A. 

The study intersections currently operate within acceptable levels of service (LOS). The study intersections are projected to continue to operate at acceptable levels when the bridge is under construction. The traffic diversion does not degrade the LOS of the study intersections.

It is recommended that traffic volumes are monitored during the partial or full closure of the bridge, particularly during the peek winter/spring season, and signal timing adjustments are considered at the intersection of SR-A1A/SE 17th Street and SE 23rd Avenue/Harbour Inlet Drive if conditions warrant a change.

The results of the geometric assessment at the two roundabouts at SE 25th Avenue/Barbara Drive and S Harbour Inlet Drive/Mariner Drive. It was determined that transit buses and delivery type trucks would be able to maneuver through the roundabouts but would have issue with making right of left turns. Additionally, semi-style heavy trucks larger than WB-50 cannot enter any of the roundabouts without driving up on the curbs or over landscaping.

The City of Fort Lauderdale will need to reach out to Broward County Transit (BCT) to inform them of the pending bridge closure. BCT will need to modify the Route 40 bus route, which currently operates over the S Ocean Drive Bridge. BCT will need time to plan an alternative route and evaluate whether their drivers on non-revenue buses are able to maneuver though the roundabouts.

Also, the City will need to coordinate with the local businesses, Condo Associations, and the Homeowner's Associations in the study area to inform them of the vehicle size restrictions through the detour. Advanced signage or public information may be required as part of the Maintenance of Traffic plans to warm drivers of the vehicle size restrictions.

Please find the technical memorandum of the South Ocean Drive Bridge Replacement here.

 In addition, find here the presentation given on October 15th, 2019 about the Transportation Planning Services- An Interlocal Agreement with the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization. 

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Commissioner Ben Sorensen at and Commissioner Sorensen's office: Juan Saavedra ( , Alex Heathcock (, or call us at 954-828-5028.