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Transportation Projects

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District 4 Transportation Projects and Planning Studies- June 2020

  • Las Olas Boulevard Vision and Mobility Project- Project limits: Las Olas Boulevard from Andrews Avenue to A1A, 2.5 miles.The Corradino Group is drafting a Plan to balance multi-modal needs, improve and expand sidewalks, improve pedestrian safety, and enhance landscaping.The project is in the data collection stage.The team has been conducting many meetings with different groups of neighbors and stakeholders to ensure that everything is gathered.They most recently met with the City Public Works and Sustainability Departments to understand the needs of stormwater, sea level rise, and other utilities for the corridor to ensure projects are coordinated.Monthly workshop meetings with stakeholders is ongoing. A preliminary concept will be prepared by this fall to share with the community to receive input.  A variety of social media outreach approaches will be utilized over the next few months to receive some additional data input, including a digital survey, and a call for comments with a drone video.  The consultant team is also still available to have digital meetings with stakeholders.A walking tour in the D4 section will need to be rescheduled. The final vision report will be completed by December. Contract amount: $765,644.00 (for design).


  • 17th Street Corridor Study and Working Group- Project limits: approximately 2 miles along SE 17th Street from US 1 eastward to the Mercedes River crossing and approximately 1.5 miles along US 1 from north of Eller Drive to Davie Boulevard.The 17th Street Corridor Mobility Study was adopted by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission on June 20, 2017 by Resolution 17-125. This action also created the 17th Street Mobility Working Group, which was one of 82 short- mid- and long-term recommendations made by the study. The goal of the study is to improve mobility along the 17th Street corridor. Monthly meetings are ongoing.


  • Cordova Road Complete Streets Project-Project limits: Cordova Road from SE 15th Street to SE 17th Street. FDOT is managing and constructing this project. The project is funded by the Broward MPO. Three concepts have been drafted by WSP (Engineering Firm), which incorporates crosswalks, a bicycle lane, pedestrian refuges, pedestrian lighting, a roundabout at SE 15th Street and Cordova Road, and an additional lane of traffic when exiting Cordova southbound onto SE 17th Street westbound. Contact with property owners on the corridor is underway. FDOT design open house was originally scheduled to place the end of April/beginning of May. All FDOT public meetings have been cancelled for the month of April. Currently waiting on FDOT to schedule a meeting date. construction scheduled to begin fall 2021.Construction estimate: $1,119,109.00.FDOT will be holding a virtual open house on August 27, 2020.


  • SE/SW 17th Street Complete Streets Master Plan Project-Project limits: SE 17th Street from SW 9th Avenue to Cordova Road. This is an MPO funded project. This is a continuous pedestrian path that includes a 10 foot wide multi use path on the south side to SW 4th Ave, sharrows from 4th Ave to 9th Ave, transit shelters, pedestrian lighting and chicanes. A schedule has not been established at this time. Construction estimate: $2.5 million.


  • New Bypass Road-Project limits: Eisenhower Blvd south of SE 17th Street heading south connecting to SR 84 east to US 1.A new County Road that will connect Federal Highway to SE 17th Street via partial grade separation over the Port property, so that security checks are not required. This is a Broward County project. This is an initiative related to the improvements happening at the Convention Center as part of their Development Agreement established during the previous construction. It is also identified in the Port Everglades Master Plan, which will go before the Broward County Board of County Commissioners early summer 2020.The project will help to relieve vehicle traffic at the intersection of US 1 and SE 17th Street, as well as along SE 17th Street by allowing vehicles accessing A1A a bypass. Project is estimated in 2019-2024.Estimated cost: $35 million.
  • Andrews Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation –Project limits: Andrews Avenue bridge over the New River. This is a Broward County project. Bridge rehabilitation project to make the bridge storm resistant, more reliable, and quieter. The project included the rehabilitation of the mechanical components, new lighting above and under the bridge, wheel paths to reduce vehicle noise, improvements to the tender house, new paint color and redesign of pedestrian path on the south side of the bridge. This project is substantially complete, contractor is currently addressing punch list items. Anticipated completion: August 2020.
  • SE 3rd Avenue Bridge Improvements- Project limits: SE 3rd Avenue bridge over the New River. This is a Broward County project. Curb ramps will be added to the SE corner of the bridge to facilitate pedestrian access to the bridge sidewalk. This project has been completed.
  • SE 3rd Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation-Project limits: SE 3rd Avenue bridge over the New River. This is a Broward County project. The bridge was approved for rehabilitation, design will start FY 2022.
  • Poinciana Park Neighborhood speed humps: Project limits: SE 20th Street from Andrews Ave to US 1, and SE 21st Street from Andrews Ave to US 1.Speed humps will be installed to reduce traffic speed adjacent to Poinciana Park in the Poinciana Park Neighborhood. A schedule has not been established for installation.
  • Riverland Road TIGER Grant- Project limits: Riverland Road/SW 27th Ave between SR7 and Broward Blvd. The MPO was awarded a regional TIGER grant to improve bicycle connections within the County. FDOT is managing this project. The advertisement for design will be spring 2020, and construction will begin fall 2020.The project will be a design build project and includes several segments across the County, a time frame for the Fort Lauderdale has not been specified yet. The Riverland Road project includes segments under the jurisdiction of the County, FDOT and City. Efforts have begun on the City taking over jurisdiction on the portions between SR7 and Davie Blvd so that it will be all one jurisdiction and the City can do more innovative traffic calming measures. Estimated cost for construction: $5 million. City has already provided matching funds ($1,020,000).The grant was awarded to Weekley Asphalt.  Weekley is working on a formal schedule to submit to FDOT. That is expected within two weeks.  They are projecting actual construction to start in late September on one of the 5 segments in the entire TIGER grant.  The MPO is in the process of selecting dates to have kickoff meetings with stakeholders where the project schedule will be reviewed. 


    Project Schedule:
    TIGER Agreement - Signed July 2019

    Design/Build Advertisement - August 2019

    Design/Build Award - May 2020

    Planned Design Start - June 2020

    Construction Start - September 2020

    Construction End - September 2022

    Period of Performance - March 2023

           Project Closeout - June 2024

  • I-595 westbound on ramp at US-1-Project limits: Federal Highway westbound on ramp to I-595. This is an FDOT project. Bridge widening on ramp to relieve congestion when traveling southbound on US-1 to enter I-595 westbound. Initiative began through the SE 17th Street Mobility Plan. Design started March 2020.Construction scheduled to begin late 2024. Estimated cost: $7 million.
  • CSLIP Neighborhood Projects-Project limits: Shady Banks and Tarpon River Neighborhoods. The City was awarded an MPO Complete Streets and other localized Initiatives Grant (CSLIP) to implement additional priority projects for Shady Banks and Tarpon River Neighborhoods from their Mobility Master Plans.Funding for design will be available in FY 2024.
    • Tarpon River Neighborhood includes: a new mini roundabout at the intersection of SW 9th Avenue and SW 9th Street, a raised intersection at the intersection of SW 9th Avenue and SW 7th Street, the completion of sidewalks on SW 7th Street between SW 9th Avenue and the FEC railway (which will connect Lewis Landing Park and Hardy Park along the north side of the road, and the addition of pedestrian lighting under the 7th Avenue Bridge. Construction estimate: $424,245.68
    • Shady Banks Neighborhood includes: raised intersections at six intersections: SW 17th Ave @ SW 12th Ct, SW 17th Ave @ SW 14th Ct, SW 18th Ave @ SW 14th Ct, SW 18th Ave @ SW 16th St, SW 15th Ave @ SW 13th Ct, SW 15th Ave @ SW 13th St., a bulb-out at the intersection of SW 13th Street and SW 17th Avenue to improve safety where the road changes to one-way where vehicles often drive the wrong way, pedestrian lighting on SW 17th Ave, SW 15th Ave, and SW 14th Ct,filling in sidewalk gaps on SW 14th Ct (from SW 19th Ave to SW 15th Ave), and on SW 12th Ct (from SW 15th Ave to SW 17th Ave), and on SW 15th Ave from Davie Boulevard to SW 12th Ct, with a bike path for that one block where vehicles are queuing at the signal to exit the neighborhood. Construction estimate: $922,862.45
  • Tarpon River Neighborhood Improvements- Project Limits: between SW 8th Ave and SW 9th St in Tarpon River Neighborhood. Fort Lauderdale Public Works will be implementing a sidewalk through the road closure at SW 9th Street and SW 8th Ave per the neighborhood request using their Master Plan implementation funding available. Speed radar signage will be installed, and the existing speed humps will be repainted. A review is being conducted to evaluate additional speed humps. The timeline for construction was June 2020, however this is subject to change given the current COVID-19 situation.
  • Shady Banks Neighborhood Mobility Plan Implementation-Project limits: Shady Banks Neighborhood entrance. Public Works is managing the implementation of the improvements to the entryway to Shady Banks Neighborhood per their Master Plan Priorities to further discourage cut through traffic. A speed radar sign is being installed by the Public Works Road Service Team as part of their implementation priorities.
  • Ingress to Shady Banks Neighborhood-Project limits: Davie Blvd at SW 17th Ave. This is an FDOT project. The project includes design improvements to the intersection to convert the areas temporarily closed off by traffic separator barriers permanent. This was a request by the neighborhood to improve safety of turning vehicles at the intersection. The project will also be eliminating the free-flow right turn lane with the splitter island, and replacing it with a standard right turn. This project has been constructed.
  • Davie Blvd temporary traffic separator barrier installation-Project limits: Davie Blvd from the I-95 Interchange eastbound to SW 17th Ave. This is an FDOT project. The installation of temporary separators will be installed from the exit ramp of I-95 on Davie Boulevard heading east to just west of the entrance of Shady Banks in the road shoulder. Barriers will also be installed at the service road exit (the road under Davie Boulevard) in an effort to discourage drivers from using that area for a travel lane. Construction is scheduled to begin summer 2020.
  • Davie Blvd ATMS Project-Project limits: Davie Boulevard from I-95 to Federal Highway. FDOT has programmed the Adaptive Traffic Management System project in their work program to help address the vehicular congestion which is exacerbated by the draw bridge and railroad tracks. The funding for the project will be available in Fiscal year 2023.Work on the design of that program will begin the year prior between the County and FDOT.



    City Wide Transportation Projects

  • Andrews Avenue and SE 3rd Avenue One-Way Pairs-Project Limits: Andrews Avenue from SE 17th Street to Sunrise Blvd and SE 3rd Avenue from SE 17th Street to Sunrise Blvd. Improvements include pedestrian infrastructure, transit improvements, traffic reconfiguration (one-way traffic on Andrews and SE 3rd Avenue), and bicycle lanes. These are County roadways. Waiting on the County to provide funding for a study (City and DDA have already provided a portion).This project is ranked for Year 1 Design on the Broward County Surtax Projects list. Estimated cost for study: $200,000.Estimated cost for construction: $10 million
  • Sunrise Blvd/Gateway flyover-Gateway Area Intersection Safety Study: FDOT to evaluate alternatives including, roundabout, traffic adaptive signals with ped/bike signals, and a hybrid alternative through its intersection safety study.
  • Rail Bridge over New River or Tunnel-An alternative that would allow Tri-Rail Coastal Link to operate commuter rail service on the FEC line.
  • LauderTrail-The project continues to move forward.  A draft Memo of Understanding (MOU) between the City and Mockingbird Trail has been drafted and is under review with the City Attorney’s Office.  The effort will merge the work of the LauderTrail Working Group, Old Dillard Trail and Mockingbird Trail. LauderTrail is identified in the second round of Parks Bond funding, that funding could not be accessed now unless the project was closer to design.
  • Port Everglades Master Plan-An update to 2014 Master Plan which includes projects over the next 5 years, and a vision plan with projects over the next 20 years. The Plan includes 50 projects, with costs up to $3 Billion. The Plan will be brought before the Board of County Commissioners for adoption in in early summer 2020.
  • New I-595 Flyover-Project limits: An on-ramp to I-595 inside Port Everglades, over Eller Drive, and along McIntosh Road. This is a Broward County project. This is part of the Port Everglades Master Plan, which will go before the Broward County Board of County Commissioners in early summer 2020.Project is estimated in 2021-2025.Estimated cost: $46 million
  • Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Master Plan – An update to the County Aviation Department’s 2010 Maser Plan. The updated plan will identify capital improvements to meet the operational needs through 2035, satisfy the needs of the market and the community, balance environmental, social, and economic impacts, and create documents required by the Federal Aviation Administration. This will allow federal funding through the Airport Improvement Program and collecting the Passenger Facility Charges. The Plan is currently being reviewed by FAA and FDOT. Anticipated County adoption later this year.
  • Airport People-Mover-Project limits: Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Port Everglades and Broward County Convention Center. This is a Broward County Project to have an elevated tram or similar type system that will transport people from Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport to Port Everglades, and Broward County Convention Center.Planned for 2024-2028 Cost Estimate: TBD